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Intelligent road lighting power-saving device

Function profile:

The working voltage of the street lamp is adjusted automatically by using the digital voltage regulation technology.Under the premise of not changing the existing running state of the street lamp, 20% or more energy-saving can be realized. With soft start function to prolong the service time.The controller contains the functions of energy saving and bypass, all night lights and night lighting control, manual and automatic control mode (latitude and time controller, light perception controller).The relevant electrical parameters and the soft start voltage of the system, voltage limiting output voltage, the optimization of energy-saving voltage and rated current and other parameters of the set (MRBT display) can be viewed in energy-saving state.Automatically and manually switch to bypass operation status. When automatically switched to bypass, the MRBT monitor displays the fault causes (over voltage, under voltage, over current).

Installation instructions

1.Indoor or cabinets installation;

2.The ambient temperature is -100C ~ + 400C, and the relative humidity is not more than 85%,Avoid to contact with flammable, explosive and corrosive gases;

3.Avoid water droplets, steam and oily dust environment;

4.Installation site should not be violent vibration;

5.The installation should be firm,equipment shell reliable grounding, the inclination shall not be greater than 5;

6.The controller should have enough cooling space and maintenance space;

7.Check the wiring lines carefully before the power on, make sure that the contact is good and tight;

8.This product can only be used in the specification of occasions, using in the improper place may cause fire, leakage and other accidents.

Main technique features:

Input voltageAC 0.38/0.22KV + 10%

Input frequency40 Hz ~60Hz

Output voltage180V~220V

ConsumptionStandby mode2W,warning mode<10W

voltage regulation accuracy+ 1%

Insulation voltage≥2KV

Alarm rate515seconds(based on network)

Way of controlTimer control、remote control

ProtectionVoltage protection;short circuit protection

Heat radiationNatural cooling/fan cooling

Precision for electric parameters measurement> 1%

Monitoring time24 hours for any situation

Receving alarm range: World wide with CMCC or CUCC signal coverage

Working conditions: Temperature-50~80 , relative humidity<95%; absence of severe vibration, avoid aggressive gas; No shieled signal.

Energy saving rate: 18%~40% ajustable

self-contained power supply: As per required

Working life: Above 10 years

Over current intensity: 2 mins for 2 times rated current , 0.3s for 100 times the rated current

Case size: 800mm*1200mm*500mm or as per your request