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Intelligent Single Light Control System

Technical features:

1.High stability ZigBee communication mode is used for the control and management of single lamp,Achieved the automatic network of single lamp.

2.The terminal device is composed of a module with a local display function, which is convenient for use and maintenance.

3.With a variety of optional single lamp controller installation, facilitate the implementation of the project, saving the cost of implementation.


Structure: Single light controller、centralized controller、monitoring software.

 Centralized controller:


Size(mm): 285*179*96


?Control loop, manual operation support;

?Three-phase power collection;

?Coordinate timing control,support offset setting;

?Via GPRSSIM card neededor via NET to communicate with upload control center;

?Via Zigbee to communicate with download single light controller;

?Support the access of ammeter;


 Technical parameters:  

?Operating voltage: single-phase 220V/three-phase 380V

?Load current: 10A

?Operating temperature: -40℃~85


Single light controller:




?Zigbee wireless control,adhoc network;

?Applicable for LED light, High pressure sodium lamp;

?Control single light switch, dimming;

?Collect voltage,current, power, temperature, etc;

?Support the access of environmental sensors of liglht, rain, snow and so on;


Technical Parameters

?Working Voltage220V

?Load current10A

?Operating frequency 2.4G ISM free frequency band


?Waterprrof ratingIP65

?Working temperature-40℃~85


Software monitoring platform:

? B/S structure, login WEB interface to remote monitoring;

? Any group, any time control, can control the lights any way you like;

? Regular inspection, fault alarm;

? Data query and print;

? Classification authority control, different level can control different area and different operation;

? GIS geographic information system;