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Intelligent street lamp monitoring management system

Ganzhou Jindian MRBT - 3006 city lighting remote monitoring and management system is based on GSM/GPRS wireless communication network, INTERNET, by the server, MRBT - 3006 operating software etc make up the monitoring center and the monitoring terminal, realize remote control, remote sensing, remote adjustment and remote communication etc "four control" function of street lamp management, realize digitization,intelligent,Web of Things of equipment management of street lamp.conform to the development direction of street lamp intelligent management.

System structure and main function:

1.All monitoring and management functions has been modularized, and each module with a running, fault indicator, not only to facilitate the maintenance of street lamp management personnel and save the subsequent system maintenance;

2.The system uses the open network management platform, has the unique remote management function, has realized the long-distance maintenance, the technical instruction and the training function, has provided the user with the maximum limit to 24 hours online personal service


Key technical parameters:

●alarm accuracy: 99. 9%

●voltage and current measurement accuracy: < 0.5

●non-electricity measurement precision: < 0.5

●Other power measurement accuracy: < 0.2

●system checking time of each point to point: < 30 seconds (can be set)

●data acquisition precision is better than 1%

●single point, group open, group close control: < 5 seconds

●clock calibration error: < 0.1 seconds

●Max system capacity   9999 pcs intelligent terminal

●output circuit of system   have 8 line control output,can be increase by 4times.

●terminal communication distance  Global

●data transfer rate  9600 KBPS~57600 KBPS

●the host screen resolution 1024 x 768

●a single terminal control time < 1 s

●a single terminal measuring time < 1 s

●the host use temperature  -45℃~75℃

●relative temperature is < 95%

●altitude level <3500 m

●host power is < 1200 w

●host USES power AC220V plus or minus 20%

●The system has a standby power supply spare time not to less than eight hours.