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Microcomputer time controller for street lamp



1.   Without using battery, data can be stored for 10 years after power off.

2.   With 4 lines output function, each line can be light control, laitude and longitude control, manul control.

3.   With LCD screen to make management and display easy.


Installation and wiring:

1.   Indoor or cabinets installation, rain and direct sunlight should be avoid.

2.   After fixing the device, according to wiring diagram, firmly connected to the power supply (0~ 220V) input and output terminals, the input of the Line of Control should 6A external fuse.

3.   Power on.


Technique parameters:

Output lines: 3 lines

Input Voltage: DC/AC: 0V---380V

Operating Voltage: AC :180V250V

Load capability: 6A/line

Operating envioroment: -20°C~60°C

Power off protect time: 10 years

Loss of power: <0.8VA

Weight: 400g

Size: 165x102x52mm


Wiring diagram for reference: